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Explorer (3 Months) 72 Countries 3GB Three Travel SIM Card

3 Months in UK ( 2 Months Cumulative Elsewhere )| 3GB Data | Hotspot | 72 Countries

Special Price $18.70 Regular Price $21.60
  • 3GB Data used in all listed countries
  • 3 Months Validity in UK**
  • 2 Months Validity in Elsewhere
  • Hotspot & Tethering enabled
  • Can be used in 72 Countries
  • Unable to make/receive calls/SMS
  • Top Up only in UK 3 Shop
  • SIM Card expiry 30/6/2022

**UPDATE NOV 2020: Hotspot is now only available in UK and Europe. You may only use this card for a total of 2 months outside of UK. It can be cumulative or consecutive; after which data will be cut off. However,you can still use the remaining months/data in UK. Duration MAY change without notice as set by telco (Three) which is beyond our control and we will not be liable when that happens. As such, we strongly advice to finish using the data as soon as possible.

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nano, micro & standard size


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Card Features

Introducing a UK travel SIM card by Three that you pay only once but can use it for cumulative or consecutive 2 months in popular destinations around the globe such as USA, Brazil, Europe, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand; combined total of 72 countries. You can still use the remaining months (Total of 2 months +1 months = 3 months) or data in UK after the 2 months period is used up elsewhere. Since this is a prepaid card, you will not be charged any additional fees. There is 3GB for you to use in its entire duration. Also, hotspot enabled hence you can tether it to other devices as you please. Purchasing separate SIM cards in each country would cost so much more.

Perfect for explorers that require seamless connectivity when they cross borders to multiple countries. Excellent for frequent travellers that travels on regularly throughout the year. Brilliant for those simply like to share this SIM card among family and friends- just remember to get it back once they return from their trip!

Make sure you activate this card in one of the 72 countries below. Please do not activate it in unsupported countries (i.e Malaysia).


Countries Telco
United Kingdom Three
Australia Optus
Austria Hutchison Drei Austria
Belgium BASE
Brazil Vivo
Bulgaria Globul
Chile Claro
Colombia Movistar
Costa Rica Claro
Kolbi ICE
Croatia Tele2 Croatia
T-Hrvatski Telekom
Cyprus MTN
Czech Republic Telefonica O2
T-Mobile CZ
Denmark 3 Denmark
El Savador Claro
Estonia Elisa
Finland Alands Mobiltelefon
France Bouygues
Free Mobile
Germany O2 Germany
Gibraltar GIBTEL
Greece Cosmote
Wind Hellas
Guetemala Tigo
Guernsey Sure
Hong Kong 3 Hong Kong
Hungary Telenor
T-Mobile (Westel)
Iceland Nova
Indonesia Hutchinson 3 Indonesia
Ireland 3 Ireland
O2 Ireland
Isle of Man Sure
Israel Orange
Italy 3 Italy
Jersey Airtel Jersey
Latvia Tele2 Latvia
Liechtenstein Orange
Lithuania Tele2
Luxembourg Orange
Macau 3 macau
Malta Go Mobile
Netherlands KPN Mobile
New Zealand 2degrees
Nicaragua Movistar
Norway Telenor
Panama Digicel
Peru Movistar
Poland Play
Portugal NOS
Puerto Rico AT&T
Romania Cosmote
Slovakia Slovak Telecom
Telefonica O2 Slovakia
Slovenia Mobitel
Tusmobil Slovenia
Singapore M1
Spain Telefonica Movistar
Sri Lanka Etisalat
Sweden 3 Sweden
Switzerland Salt Mobile SA
United States AT&T
T-Mobile USA
Uruguay Movistar
US Virgin Islands AT&T
Vietnam Vietnamobile

Speed Test Result in Liverpool Speed Test Result in York Speed Test Result in Prague Speed Test Result in Dresden Speed Test Result in Helsinki Speed Test Result in Lapland

How To Use

Step 1
Insert the SIM card into your phone and turn on ‘Data Roaming’ (under Mobile Networks in settings). Make sure you insert the SIM card in slot 1 if you are using a dual SIM phone.

Step 2
Restart the device 2-3 times until network is detected. In some countries, it may take 15-40 minutes for the signal to be detected. 

In case cannot access internet after Step 2, you will need to manually set APN names



 APN Settings for Internet

Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point Names > Add

Name :


 Automatic detection.

Step 3
Select the APN you just set and restart your phone. It may take a few restart to take effect.

Card FAQ

How good is the network coverage of this Travel Prepaid SIM card?

This is primarily a United Kingdom card by the Three network. Speed is depending on country and location.

Can I turn on hotspot and share the connection with other users/devices?

Yes you can hotspot in all the countries listed.

If I finished using the 3GB of my data, will I still be able to surf internet at a slower speed?

No you cannot. We recommend using a new card as it is much cheaper than topping up.

Can I use this on my Mifi and Tablets?

Yes you can

Is it true that I can use this card in the 72 countries listed?

Yes you can but the speed really depends on which country you are in. 

Can I use Whatsapp to chat and make calls with this card?

You certainly can. Using Whatsapp to call saves you money.

Depending on your usage, 4GB (4000MB) is enough for usage of 30 days for an average user. You should be able to comfortably use this 3GB data for the duration of your trip. Here is an example of a typical daily data usage overseas: 

Typical daily data usage overseas example


Average Size/Unit


Total Usage

Website Browsing


30 pages


Text Emails


50 Emails


Emails with attachments


5 Emails


Sending message
( Whatsapp / Line / Wechat )


1000 messages


Data voice call
( Whatsapp / Line / Wechat )


30 minutes


Upload photo
( Whatsapp, Line, Wechat )


10 photos


Upload photo
( Instagram / Facebook )


10 photos


Watch a youtube video


10 minutes


Get turn by turn directions using waze or google maps


8 hours


Average overseas usage per day*


(Only for your reference. Different users will have different usage pattern)

What are the shipping rates and how long will it takes for my purchases to arrive?

We use DHL Worldwide Express for international deliveries:

Country of Delivery

Price & Delivery Time

Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Brunei, Philippines, Bhutan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan

$22/delivery to a location.
(Unlimited items)
1-3 Working Days

USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary,Italy, Republic of Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Bangladesh, India.

$32/delivery to a location.
(Unlimited items)
1-3 Working Days

Rest of the World

$40/delivery to a location.
(Unlimited items)
1-4 Working Days

Click here for more information on our shipping & delivery

I purchased my Phone overseas with a plan with it. Will I be able to use your SIM cards?

Some phones are "network locked" meaning it can only use it with a certain plan. You have to check whether it is "network locked". If it is then you will not be able to use any other SIM cards except for the binding network cards.


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