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Roam freely while connected

Travelling to a foreign country is daunting. Simplify it by having internet connectivity instantly once you land. Furthermore, with our ‘spend more save more’ automatic discounts, you can now have your own travel prepaid SIM card at the lowest price:

  • usd30 5% off
  • usd50 6% off
  • usd70 7% off
  • usd90 8% off

On top of significant cost savings,
here’s more reasons to have your own personal travel prepaid SIM cards overseas

  • Safety and Security

    Don’t risk losing touch with your travelling mates overseas. When safety and security is at stake, better to play safe with individual internet connectivity for everyone in your travelling group

  • Venture with Confidence

    You can go anywhere you desire without fear of losing touch with your travelling group. WhatsApp is just a touch away and Google map can bring you places

  • Less Devices to Charge

    You crash back to your hotel after a long day and find only limited plug points available. With Travel Prepaid SIM card in your phone, you will have one less device to charge

All cards sold are backed by hello1010

When purchasing from us, you will have a peace of mind that the SIM cards will work in your destination country. If you encounter any problems, our support team will assist you via Whatsapp (+6011 2021 8888) to solve your problems. We will back you up and do our best to provide the best service to you.