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Returns & Refunds

All goods sold are not returnable nor exchangeable. In any case if your cards do not work in your destination country, please contact our Technical Support Team immediately via WhatsApp at +6011 2021 8888, 9am to 11pm (GMT +8) and we will assist in fixing the issue. You must contact us because sometimes unusable cards could be caused by wrong settings which can be easily fixed. There are some scenarios as follow :

a. SIM lock phones because it is a brand new phone - Brand new phones are usually locked to local country's SIM cards. You must make or receive calls of at least 15 minutes to SIM unlock the phone. After which you will be able to use overseas SIM cards. 

b. Phone unable to hotspot - If you are able to use the data, but is unable to hotspot, this is due to your phone settings or your phone unable to support hotspot. Our cards are all hotspot enabled unless stated otherwise. 

c. Destination country Telco network down - Sometimes Telco will face network issues resulting in disruption of services. This is beyond our control and we will keep you updated till the issues are resolved.

d. Telco plans updates - Telcos always changes their plans and most of the time without informing us. The plans could be changed for the better or worse and in either cases, we are not responsible for it. Nevertheless, we will update any changes occurred at the affected product page when we are aware of it.